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About our company

Innovators in Software Solutions & Consulting Services

We are Roundly Consulting

Developers, graphic designers, DevOps experts, project managers, and marketers form our team. We are a talented team with more than 16 years of business experience. Using cutting-edge tools and methods, we try to find a simple but effective solution to your company's requirements or challenges.

Where is our company situated?
Our company is located in the heart of Europe - Slovakia.
Where is our office?
Our approach is to give developers the freedom to choose where they will work, so we don't have an office.
Where can we meet?
For in-person meetings, we have a meeting space in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
How do you work?
Every project has its own unique needs and requirements. We typically manage projects using the Agile Methodology, but we also manage some smaller projects using the Waterfall model.
Can we work together in the long run?
Yes, in fact, we have long-term relationships with the majority of our clients, whether we are working together on the same project, providing support and new features, or creating new projects specifically for them.
Andrej Mihaliak - CEO

Our goal is to develop cutting-edge solutions that enable companies to prosper in the digital era. Our team of dedicated professionals uses modern technologies to solve challenging problems and provide innovative solutions that transform entire industries. Together, we are shaping the future of software and making a lasting impact on businesses worldwide.

Andrej Mihaliak
CEO of Roundly Consulting

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Our statistics

Performance over the years

Over the years, We've deployed a lot of websites and systems into production, and We are glad to share the following statistics with you.

Applications and Websites
Security Audits
Cloud Infrastructures
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Why us?

A better way to start your idea

We have elite experiences to offer as well as the right tools to put your business ideas into production.

Simple but effective.
We aim to discover a straightforward yet efficient solution to your business's needs or difficulties using modern technologies and strategies.
Superior quality.
With our skilled team, we can offer the greatest quality on the market. We use modern technologies and evaluate each piece of software to make sure it performs as intended.
Reduced costs.
Our built-and-served infrastructures will decrease your cloud costs by 5%-15%. Both EU and non-EU nations are included making sure that your product is available worldwide with the best possible performance.
Advanced monitoring.
After the delivery of the software or infrastructure, we monitor it to ensure that each component is operating as intended.
In your hands.
All of our clients have direct access to the ticket board, allowing them to check the status of the project at any time and from any location.
Well documented.
All of the projects in which we participate are properly managed and documented so that the customer is aware of every aspect of the project's technical implementation and possibilities.

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